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...родился в городе Ленинграде(знаете такой?).Со дня рождения и по сей день ищу смысл жизни.Практически с детства прилип к музыки,поэтому по сей день в этой сфере и вращаюсь.Организация обильных школьных развлекательных мероприятий(дискотек) сыграла большую роль в выборе и настрое на поиск работы в сфере связанной с музыкой.Получаю высшее образование(СПбГУАП),параллельно занимаюсь диджеингом (играю разноплановую музыку и никогда не стою на месте...возможно потому что по знаку зодиака я "стрелец")...

Demonstrated love to music from the very early age, has completed four years of the music school program, has musical talent and capabilities for choir singing, which predetermines development of his future with the mastery of the work of a DJ. Being a DJ is a hobby…
It already started in 1997 when he visited the today non-existing Night Shift club in St. Petersburg where he met interesting and - what is most important - right people… which was already the beginning…
In 10 years of creative search and experiments with music he has worked in almost all night clubs of the city and participated in most significant events. Besides that, he went on tour in Russia and neighboring countries.
At present, he is an honorary resident of the Adrenalin night club (former Amalgama), is working in the house style with vinyl and CD.
He is also a top manager of the PR agency Ambassador Festival working with most well-known people and companies.
He is a creative leader and creator of the commercial Fm Project…

Social capital

  • less than 10